• Skatepark Round-Up:CCS

    Skatepark Round-Up:CCS
    Not too often that we have four SOTY's on one team. From Lincoln Park to Belvedere, and ending up chowin' down at Arto's.
  • Win Westgates Gear

    Win Westgates Gear
    Emerica's giving away a Westgate prize package everyday next week, Monday through Friday.
  • Bowling with Westgate

    Bowling with Westgate
    Emerica has a clip from Brandon Westgate's shoe release bowling party, with some teamates explaining what they like about his new shoe.
  • Westgate's Shoe Biz

    Westgate's Shoe Biz
    SOTY candidate and full time rip-rider, Brandon Westgate, savors his shoe release in Eagle Rock, CA with bangers and bowling. Can't beat that. Thanks Emerica.
  • New Brandon Westgate Part

    New Brandon Westgate Part
    Brandon Westgate's new part from Emerica is now live.
  • New Westgate This Saturday

    New Westgate This Saturday
    In support of Brandon's first pro shoe, Emerica will also be releasing a brand new Brandon Westgate video part on their website this Saturday January 15th, at 12 noon.
  • 2010 Contents Sequences

    2010 Contents Sequences
    To wrap up 2010, we put together all of the Contents page sequences from the past year.
  • New Westgate Coming

    New Westgate Coming
    Brandon Westgate will be dropping a new full-length part along with the release of his new shoe. All new footage, no throwaway—get ready.
  • A Day at the Park

    A Day at the Park
    CCS closes out their week with Brandon Westgate by spending a day at the Skaters Edge skatepark with him.
  • Westgate Answers Questions

    Westgate Answers Questions
    CCS continues their week with Westgate with a clip of him answering people's questions that they texted in.