• New Pros Simon Bannerot and Tyler Pacheco

    New Pros Simon Bannerot and Tyler Pacheco
    The Girl Skateboard Co. is proud to announce two new pros–Simon Bannerot and Tyler Pacheco. Homie Mode, engage.
  • Girl Skateboards x Kodak's "Bangers and Mash" Video

    Girl Skateboards x Kodak's "Bangers and Mash" Video
    To celebrate the release of the new Girl x Kodak collection, the boys took a trip over the pond to skate some classic London terrain.
  • The (RED) Doll Show

    The (RED) Doll Show
    Girl Skateboards and (RED) will come together on World AIDS Day to raise awareness and funds for (RED)’s fight to end AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Beastie Boys x Girl

    Beastie Boys x Girl
    Girl Skateboards is proud to release a special edition capsule featuring the Beastie Boys, photographed by Spike Jonze.
  • Skatepark Round-Up: Girl Ams

    Skatepark Round-Up: Girl Ams
    Surely you’ve seen Doll by now and you know the Girl ams can shred their faces off—but can they do it on demand? See how many gnarly moves they hammered out in one afternoon at Houghton park in LB. And just wait for that last trick. Absolutely bonkers!
  • Girl Skateboards' "Doll" Premiere Photos

    Girl Skateboards' "Doll" Premiere Photos
    Crailtap broke in their new warehouse to friends and family alike Friday evening for a private viewing of their newest video, Doll.
  • "Hot Amateur Girl Action" Article

    "Hot Amateur Girl Action" Article
    Burnett grills the hot, new Girl ams on the eve of their new video offering, Doll. Find out how these guys went from being driveway kickflippers to Girl-legacy rippers. The future of the ‘Tap is lookin' bitchin’!
  • Girl Skateboards' "Doll" Video

    Girl Skateboards' "Doll" Video
    A new video by Girl Skateboards, introducing new AMS Niels Bennett and Griffin Gass. Co-Starring Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Rick McCrank, Mike Carroll, Simon Bannerot and Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco.
  • Girl's "Out For A Rip" Tour Video

    Girl's "Out For A Rip" Tour Video
    Simon, Malto, Biebel and the rest of the Girl team went Out For A Rip in Canada a couple months back. Watch as the rip the streets, parks and demo at Strat.
  • "Don't Mess With Girl" Video

    "Don't Mess With Girl" Video
    The Girl squadron trekked out to Texas, shredding ditches and abandoned buildings en route to the Death Match in Austin. Hell, even McCrankers made the trip!