• Mo' Mondays with Hoffart

    Mo' Mondays with Hoffart
    Jordan Hoffart talks about his new wheel and gets a sick line in this clip from Bones.
  • New Hoffart Board

    New Hoffart Board
    Check out Jordan Hoffart's new board featuring VCJ artwork.
  • Mo' Mondays: Get On Board

    Mo' Mondays: Get On Board
    Moose, Ryan Decenzo, Kevin Romar, and other Bones riders rip a skatepark for Get On Board.
  • Skate Soup: Random Ripping

    Skate Soup: Random Ripping
    Tim Cisilino cooks up a new Skate Soup with a bunch of random ripping.
  • Hoffart Talks Theeve

    Hoffart Talks Theeve
    Jordan Hoffart skates the Carmel Valley and explains why he rides Theeve Trucks.
  • Hoffart on Theeve

    Hoffart on Theeve
    Theeve Trucks proudly welcomes Jordan Hoffart to their pro team. Check out his welcome clip here.
  • 2010 Contents Sequences

    2010 Contents Sequences
    To wrap up 2010, we put together all of the Contents page sequences from the past year.
  • Double Rock: Active Team

    Double Rock: Active Team
    Active sent up their squad of young bucks to attack Double Rock.
  • Mic'd Up with Hoff

    Mic'd Up with Hoff
    Jordan Hoffart put on a wireless mic while street skating, driving his Nova, and trying to jump the Mega.
  • Burnout: Show Down

    Burnout:  Show Down
    Burnout covered the Vans Downtown Showdown last weekend, where Team Pretzel Grip took the grand prize.