• Classics: Bill Danforth "Young Gun'z"

    Classics: Bill Danforth "Young Gun'z"
    Bill has always been creative and gnarly and this part is a great reminder: Skate however the hell you want to skate. Svitak introduces a classic from the 1989 Alva vid.
  • Kristian Svitak in "Blackout"

    Kristian Svitak in "Blackout"
    Black Label just put up Kristian Svitak's part from their second full length video, "Blackout" released in 2003. Watch it here.
  • 7 Seconds At Svitak's: Kilian Martin

    7 Seconds At Svitak's: Kilian Martin
    Kilian Martin stopped by to get 7 seconds at Kristian Svitak's mini-ramp.
  • Svitak's Hometown Street Jam

    Svitak's Hometown Street Jam
    Landshark pro, Kristian Svitak, took a trip back to his hometown in Ohio and did some high speed jamming in the cold streets of Cleveland.
  • New 1031 Commercial

    New 1031 Commercial
    Kristian Svitak demonstrates that 1031's new "Red Tape" board is not just for cruising.
  • Double Rock: 1031

    Double Rock: 1031
    Team riders of a board company often share a similar skate vibe. The 1031 crew combines ripping and unique tricks from different eras. Here's Cyril, Fritz, Svitak, and Rossi.
  • Svitak on Tork

    Svitak on Tork
    Tork Trux proudly welcomes Kristian Svitak to their team.
  • Svitak 88 Re-edit

    Svitak 88 Re-edit
    Kristian Svitak re-edited his part and re-recorded the song from the 88 video. Watch it here.
  • 1031 at Woodward

    1031 at Woodward
    Kristian Svitak, Rick Rossi, Cyril Jackson, and Donovan Rice hit up Woodward West last August. Watch their footage here.
  • Burnout: Bestest

    Burnout: Bestest
    The Crossroads Best Trick champs ascend the podium. Burnout bares witness.