• Since Day One

    Since Day One
    Real's new site is based around the upcoming video with clips, premiere dates, and benefit info for the Johnny Kicks Cancer organization.
  • New Real Catalog

    New Real Catalog
    Check out all of the new products from Real in their Spring 2011 catalog, along with a new Krunchy Corner edit.
  • Since Day One Premiere

    Since Day One Premiere
    The long awaited Real video is set to premiere March 31st in San Francisco.
  • Torgerson Flow Trash

    Torgerson Flow Trash
    Real put up Davis Torgerson's new Flow Trash video part, along with a contest where you can win three Real boards and a copy of the video.
  • Real 2010 Ad Review

    Real 2010 Ad Review
    Check out all of Real's ads from the past year on the DLX site.
  • DLXMAS Day 22

    DLXMAS Day 22
    Dennis Busenitz and Justin Brock get dirty for the Real video.
  • This one is for Duane

    This one is for Duane
    Check out this video of Duane explaining the injury that almost cost him his leg, and buy his board to help him out.
  • DLXMAS Day 15

    DLXMAS Day 15
    Real Skateboards brings you a clip from under a bridge for the 15th day of DLXmas.
  • Real Actions Realized: Duane Peters

    Real Actions Realized: Duane Peters
    Duane Peters had a really gnarly leg break and Real is putting out two new benefit boards to help him cover medical expenses.
  • DLXMAS Starts Today

    DLXMAS Starts Today
    Deluxe starts off their 25 days of DLXmas with the sounds of the upcoming Real video.