• Postcard from Thailand

    Postcard from Thailand
    Javier Sarmiento sends back a video postcard from Thailand to Rodrigo TX for éS.
  • Postcard from Brazil

    Postcard from Brazil
    Rodrigo TX sends Javier Sarmiento a video postcard from Brazil for éS.
  • Burnout: Super Fans

    Burnout: Super Fans
    Autographs, super fans and Zero/DGK demo photos in the new Burnout.
  • Burnout: Demo Daze

    Burnout: Demo Daze
    DGK and Zero show the kids just how those boards work in a series of So-Cal demos. Burnout tags along.
  • Rodrigo TX Commercial

    Rodrigo TX Commercial
    LRG has a new commercial featuring Rodrigo TX. Check it out here.
  • Rodrigo Interviewed

    Rodrigo Interviewed
    éS has an interview with Rodrigo TX, where he explains the inspiration for his new shoe.
  • Rodrigo Off Flip

    Rodrigo Off Flip
    Flip Skateboards would like to let you know that they've had a mutual parting of ways with Rodrigo TX.
  • Rodrigo in HD

    Rodrigo in HD
    LRG put together an edit of Rodrigo TX's HD footage from their "Give me my money Chico" video.
  • éS the First Footsteps

    éS the First Footsteps
    Today éS launched the year 1999 on their timeline with a video of Rodrigo TX going over the site.
  • Rodrigo TX Interview at éS

    Rodrigo TX Interview at éS
    Every now and then a Brazilian skate prodigy arrives on the scene. Ten years ago it was tech-titan Rodrigo Teixeira.