• Thunder Welcomes Guy Mariano

    Thunder Welcomes Guy Mariano
    Thunder welcomes Guy Mariano to their team with this clip at a classic spot and a one of a kind approach.
  • Patrick Praman's "Thunder Trucks" Part

    Patrick Praman's "Thunder Trucks" Part
    Smooth style, great trick selection and VX1000–Patrick Praman puts all the pieces together in his first solo video part for Thunder trucks.
  • A Day in Long Beach with the Thunder Crew

    A Day in Long Beach with the Thunder Crew
    Patrick Praman and the Thunder crew jump in the van to hit the park, roll around Long Beach and jump on some beachfront banisters.
  • New from Thunder

    New from Thunder
    Check out all of the new trucks from Thunder including Foundry Raw Titanium Lights, Hollow Lights, Lights and more.
  • Thunder Trucks: Spring '19 Catalog

    Thunder Trucks: Spring '19 Catalog
    Check out the newest Spring ’19 release from Thunder with new Stamped Signature trucks from Alec Majerus, Chris Jones and John Fitzgerald—plus, Full Dip Scripts, Pearl Titanium Lights, and tons more available now.
  • Mark Suciu Knows Interview

    Mark Suciu Knows Interview
    Following up his Knows video Mark took some time to give us the rundown on living in New York, road tripping around the US with friends, the process behind his video projects and how he really feels about crook shoves in public.
  • Mark Suciu's "Knows" Part

    Mark Suciu's "Knows" Part
    Mark’s skating does all the talking in his new Knows part. Watch and go skate.
  • New from Thunder

    New from Thunder
    Check out everything new from Tyshawn Jones, Jamie Foy, Mark Suciu, Shane O'Neill and the Thunder crew.
  • New from Thunder Trucks

    New from Thunder Trucks
    New ways to know control from Miles Silvas, Tyshawn Jones, Jamie Foy and Na-Kel Smith, now available at skateshops worldwide.
  • Austin Thongvivong's "Thunder" Part

    Austin Thongvivong's "Thunder" Part
    Austin has been cranking out clips at a prolific pace and doesn’t appear to be hitting the breaks anytime soon. Raise a toast to another ripping part from the Pacific Northwest.