• Rob Taro's "TIMESCAN 2" Video

    Rob Taro's "TIMESCAN 2" Video
    A masterwork years in the making, Rob Taro brings together over 50 of Japan's most dedicated to flesh out his ambitious exploration of the island he loves. Full parts from Ryo Nobuchika, the Hongo bros and Gou Miyagi keep the dream alive.
  • Gou Miyagi's "Timescan 2" Part

    Gou Miyagi's "Timescan 2" Part
    Since his breakout part broke minds around the globe, Gou’s skating has defied definition and challenged the tenets of the mainstream. And he’s back again to pave the way for the avant garde, even without pavement.
  • Timescan's "Don't Know What Is Normal" Video

    Timescan's "Don't Know What Is Normal" Video
    A taste of the full-length in the works, Timescan links up Shintaro Hongo and more of Japan's top talent in this free-flowing edit.