C1RCA's "Neen Williams Shoe Release" photos

Whenever we would go through Chicago on tours in the early '00s, a then-little Neen was always our go-to tour guide. We are all really thankful you decided to move to California and ninja kick around on a skateboard—we couldn’t be happier for you and your success. On Saturday, Circa had a pizza/beer brunch at Brooklyn Projects. Cold beers, good friends and a mini ramp is a perfect way to bring Neen’s new shoe into the world. If you want to flick your board like Neen (and we know you do), run out to the closest skate shop and get these kicks! —David Broach



Get that Neen flick—buy this shoe!



Squad up! Lopez sighting!



Walter's ready for some action



Kirby getting down with the big dawg



The Neen!



Melrose is a hell of a drug



Robbie and Jack came through



Cole, Robbie, Jack and Chris



Someone's gotta pay for this party. Thanks for the free lunch, Ed!



Wash your hands before handling the apparel 



Found a Lizard next door grabbing a soda



Jess baked up some special cookies. Look at that detail. What a sweetheart!



Lopez dropping in



Taking a bite outta the shoe game



Jack says congrats while Kirby is thinking hard about his daily calorie count



All the dawgs showed up



Johnny Rotten! Wait, no—even better; it's Brayden!



Jack channeling the Muska, circa 2001



Lizard backside flips so high his hand goes out of the frame



Gregson showed up to do a one-man demo. Blasted kickflip



Okay, okay, we get it. Stalefish



You ask how he does it? Chris shows you his secret formula. Or is he looking for a new sponsor? Little column A, little column B, I think



Windsor cheering Neen. Congrats on the shoe, bud! Well deserved

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