Chasing the Neon Lights: Violet Sneaks Over to Magic City

Violet Header
Violet Some Like It Hot 2000I decided to put a trip together and go to Miami. One—because it was wintertime and there are like four places to go, and two—I knew the vibe there was gonna be right. The Violet crew has never been on a trip together, so this was a first. I had imagined it was going to be heads waking up at 3 PM after partying or being on the beach ’til sunrise, but it was basically the opposite. The crew was down in the SUVs early and ready to skate every day. Things I remember were the coffee at Versailles, the check at Joe’s Stone Crab, Kader surfing the top of the car going 20mph. Shout out Lot skatepark heads. Oh, and I can’t forget Puerto Sagua on Collins in South Beach. Things the team heads remember—well, you’d have to ask them. Overall, it was a great first trip. Violet is UP and everyone seems excited for the next one.

Watch as Violet brings the vibes to MIA and makes it official with Kader and Troy 

230306 MIA 001026120026 Taketomo DZ
230306 MIA 001026130021 Taketomo DZ
Jax Decker Effs Ollie 230312 MIA 001031040011 Taketomo DZJax Effs catchin’ some frequent-flyer miles ollieing a ten stair in downtown Miami

230313 MIA 001031100025 Taketomo DZ
230306 MIA 001026240010 Taketomo DZ
230314 MIA 001031510002 Taketomo DZ
230314 MIA 001031510008 Taketomo DZ
Seven Strong gap to bk smith 230307 MIA 001026270002 Taketomo DZSeven Strong always thinking outside the box—gap over the rail to back Smith. We out to pineapple margaritas!

230309 MIA 001031250006 Taketomo DZ
230311 MIA 001031280008 Taketomo DZ
Mike Ward BS 5 0 230307 MIA 02346 Taketomo DZMike Ward makes it rain, back 5-0 from Philly to Miami

230307 MIA 001026160001 Taketomo DZ
230314 MIA 001031440007 Taketomo DZ

Troy Gipson BS KF 230309 MIA 02674 Taketomo DZTroy Gipson, backside flip killer over the pillar

230311 MIA Troy Gipson and Kyle Teh Violet Thrasher Magazine Taketomo DZ
230311 MIA 001030880019 Taketomo DZ
230313 MIA Jax Effs Violet Thrasher Magazine Taketomo DZ
Kyle Teh Pop Shuv 230307 MIA 02278 Taketomo DZKyle Teh, pop shove in downtown Miami… PEACE and LOVE

Kris Brown KF BS Tail 230312 MIA 001031040016 Taketomo DZKris Brown flavorishly kickflip back tails this out ledge. Lavar is doing a switch 5-0 on his board, so it’s like two tricks in one

230306 MIA 001026200009 Taketomo DZ
230309 MIA Supreme Shaker Taketomo DZ
Patrick OMara Hurricane to regular 230312 MIA 001031460005 Taketomo DZIsn’t there a team called the Miami Hurricanes? Cool. So what. Patrick O’Mara hurricanes this rail in Miami

230310 MIA 001030860020 Taketomo DZ
230314 MIA 001031440010 Taketomo DZ
Mike Ward Sw KF 230309 MIA 001030820021 Taketomo DZThink you’re dope? Well, Mike Ward switch flipped the shit outta this bump to pillar

230306 MIA 001026190003 Taketomo DZ
230309 MIA 001030840032 Taketomo DZ
230312 MIA 001030920020 Taketomo DZ
230311 MIA 001030880011 Taketomo DZ
Troy Gipson FS Ollie 230314 MIA 07792 Taketomo DZTemperature-wise, nighttime is the right time! Troy Gipson turns up the heat with frontside ollies over this wedge gap. Did we mention he's pro now? Get that board and hit the road
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