Max Taylor and Ryan Thompson are Pro as Fart

This past Saturday night in Austin, TX, we (Roger skateboards, OJ Wheels and No Comply skateshop) hosted a party to turn two of our homies pro: Max Taylor and Ryan Thompson. Staying on trend, we surprised them by throwing up some smoke-screen tactics, luring them to the shop by throwing a best-trick contest at House Park (which sits directly behind the shop) and then hosting a fake art show for me. Did it work? Were they genuinely caught off guard? Scroll on, playas. –Michael Sieben


Photos by Calvin Millar, Drew Pickles and Eric Palozzolo

max ryan pro 1Nobody thought to take a photo of the exterior of the shop, so I grabbed one from the last No Comply blog I wrote and expertly added some Photoshop magic to it

max ryan pro 2Despite the art show being a ruse, I did my best to make it look legit

max ryan pro 3Even made a super fancy price list. Anybody need a hug?

max ryan pro 4Got to sign a board, which is always a crazy feeling. You want me to ruin your brand-new skateboard? Uh... okay

max ryan pro 5Mom's Bong, probably for Mom

max ryan pro 6The real action was in the parking lot, though

max ryan pro 7We're gearing up for what they call getting down

max ryan pro 8Ice, ice, babies

max ryan pro 9Bentley, rackin' 'em and crackin' 'em

max ryan pro 10Do kids still listen to the Beastie Boys?

max ryan pro 11Max Taylor with Arta and Sartoru the cat

max ryan pro 12Hungry Ams! Brian O'Dwyer, Joe Milazzo, Dakota Overbaugh and Reese Barton

max ryan pro 13¡Órale! Dahveed and Brennan reppin' the set

max ryan pro 14Guru Khalsa, Drew Pickles, Ian Kenzo and Austin Amelio, nuthin’ but love

max ryan pro 15What you know about them Texas boys? Also, Zac Martin is one of my favorite skateboarders

max ryan pro 16Reese and Stevie, cool as cucumbers

max ryan pro 17Two old heads and one young pug

max ryan pro 18OJs represent! Chris Varcadipane, Eric Pallozolo, Alex Foy and Max Taylor

max ryan pro 19Meanwhile, back inside the shop, Elias Bingham and Andrew Torralvo were making sure the champagne was chilling

max ryan pro 20We got Max and Ryan up in front of the crowd by telling them they needed to hand out prizes to the best-trick contest winners from earlier in the day. Peep Quentin Riley's first-place maneuver if you wanna scratch your head for a bit. Just how?

max ryan pro 21Along with the prize bags, Max and Ryan's debut pro models were handed down to them

max ryan pro 22Cue the champagne waterfall

max ryan pro 23Things got literally and metaphorically blurry from there

max ryan pro 24The stoke levels were off the charts

max ryan pro 25Pure joy

max ryan pro 26Slow down, Max, the night is still young!

max ryan pro 27Mad love from the homies

max ryan pro 28After the excitement died down a bit we premiered a new video featuring Max and Ryan (hopefully coming to Thrasher soon if we can get the music rights cleared)

max ryan pro 29It was met with great enthusiasm

max ryan pro 30Oh yeah! Max was also surprised with a pro wheel for OJs. I like that his palm matches the ink on the wheel. Next level

max ryan pro 31The party then took to the streets

max ryan pro 32Palozzolo trying to keep the kids from getting run over…

max ryan pro 33…by the GD Hummer limo OJs rented to take the crew to the afterparty. Talk about classy (and ridiculous)

max ryan pro 34Get in, pro dudes!

max ryan pro 35Yes, this is over the top, but you have to pose for at least one photo

max ryan pro 36There it is! Congrats, Max and Ryan, for turning pro for the best skateboard company in Central Texas that is run out of the back room of the local skateshop! And thanks to OJs, No Comply, Austin Pizza, Guayakí Yerba Mate and all the kids and old folks who showed up to celebrate these ripping dudes in our community of ‘boarding. This really was an emotional and beautiful night and I hope I get to draw many more graphics for these two friends. Roger that!

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