REAL's "Hermann Pro Surprise" Photos

Hermann Stene rolled up to SOMA with the REAL team for a jam and walked out with a big new promotion. See how Mason, Ishod and company gave him the surprise of a lifetime. —Christian Alexander

Blog REAL SF 1On the streets, we get a preview of the day's heavy billing

Blog REAL SF 2Just a little rain in the forecast…

Blog REAL SF 3What's better to do on a rainy day than drive around in the tank looking for spots?

Blog REAL SF 4Think it’s possible, Kyle? Probably

Blog REAL SF 5Stopped by the ‘Preme for some dry rolls

Blog REAL SF 6New dude Toby gets the session sparked

Blog REAL SF 7You know Nicole’s gettin’ in there too

Blog REAL SF 8Corner pocket shot

Blog REAL SF 9Is this how close you’re supposed to shoot nowadays?

Blog REAL SF 10Nicole in familiar territory staring down some coping

Blog REAL SF 11Tobes high-speed nasal

Blog REAL SF 12Big ol’ blaster to disaster to end the sesh

Blog REAL SF 13Backrubs between friends. Hermann's a real team player

Blog REAL SF 14Pulled up to a packed house at SOMA. Fools were already flying over the rail and the best-trick ain’t even started

Blog REAL SF 15Bay Area celeb Gary Rogers pulled up to help keep it lit on the mic

Blog REAL SF 16JITs everywhere


Blog REAL SF 18Some free za is always a good move

Blog REAL SF 19I like to imagine Hermann is squeezing Jim’s neck demanding a pro board but it’s probably just another back rub

Blog REAL SF 20Over in the park, the youngins fire up the best-trick down the three block

Blog REAL SF 21Going for it while Dad got the angle for the ‘Gram

Blog REAL SF 22Backside 180 was a battle, but it's always cool to see kids pushing it

Blog REAL SF 23Straight heelflip, always classy

Blog REAL SF 24Pressure flip making a comeback? Thanks, Ellington!

Blog REAL SF 25Big block, big flip, Quincy throws it down 

Blog REAL SF 26Switch heel popped and caught, also classy

Blog REAL SF 27Our resident double threat Tanner Rowe knows how to wow the crowd. That’s right, heelflip Indy

Blog REAL SF 28Even the pros couldn’t resist the hype. Patrick extends a nollie front heel

Blog REAL SF 29We kept Hermann busy and distracted. And, hey, if you’re gonna be pro, you better know how to toss product

Blog REAL SF 30Is that Hermann’s mom on FaceTime? Looks like a surprise is brewing around the corner

Blog REAL SF 31Camera talk with Ishod and TG

Blog REAL SF 32Everyone got their boards? It’s go time

Blog REAL SF 33Gary assembles the crowd for a “group photo” by gently handing out some Thrasher tees. “Fuck with the mag,” as he says

Blog REAL SF 34Oh shit, who’s that?!

Blog REAL SF 35Wait? What? Me?

Blog REAL SF 36The sparkling apple cider goes flying

Blog REAL SF 37A solid drenching is always required. Get him! 

Blog REAL SF 39Victory!

Blog REAL SF 39Hallo! Even got the fam turning in live from Norway

Blog REAL SF 40Congrats, Hermann! Hope we spelled that right…

Blog REAL SF 41Well, you read it right! Hermann is PRO!

Blog REAL SF 42His smile says it all

Blog REAL SF 43The first of many pro signatures. Hold onto that one, kid
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