• Ishod Knows

    Ishod Knows
    Ishod Wair grinds through a triple kink in this new clip for the release of the new Thunder 149II.
  • Moose-Thunder Trucks por vida!

    Moose-Thunder Trucks por vida!
    For the release of his first ever Thunder Pro Truck, Moose comes through with an exclusive Thrasher edit. If you’re out near Oxnard this Thursday, Nov. 7th head out to the Skatepark to celebrate with Moose and his crew. 
  • Kevin Bradley Knows

    Kevin Bradley Knows
    Check out this new clip of Kevin Bradley from Thunder trucks, plus his quick response interview.
  • Win Thunder Trucks

    Win Thunder Trucks
    Thunder is giving away a set of trucks on Ben Nordberg's Facebook page for the next month. There are four chances to win, go to Facebook and "Like" Ben's page to sign up.
  • Jake Ruiz Knows

    Jake Ruiz Knows
    Check out the new clip, plus an interview with Thunder teammate Moose, on hanging out and skating with Jake.
  • Auby Taylor for Thunder

    Auby Taylor for Thunder
    Thunder just dropped a sick clip of Auby Taylor. Check out the video clip, interview, plus the newest release–including pro trucks from Malto, Ramondetta, Herman, Provost, and more.
  • McCrank Knows

    McCrank Knows
    Thunder just dropped a new video clip and quick response interview feature with Rick McCrank.
  • Thunder Trucks: Alec Majerus Knows

    Thunder Trucks: Alec Majerus Knows
    The new Thunder Fall catalog just went live with a gnarly clip of Alec Majerus.
  • Jake Ruiz Knows

    Jake Ruiz Knows
    Jake Ruiz grinds a roller coaster rail in this clip from Thunder. Watch it here.
  • Massimo Cavedoni Knows

    Massimo Cavedoni Knows
    Massimo Cavedoni cruises around LA and hits up Lafayette and Stoner park for the newest Thunder edit.