• New From Thunder

    New From Thunder
    All of the newest Thunder trucks for spring '13 just went live on their website including Chris Cole's chameleon hollow lights, the Neen machine, and more.
  • Jason Adams Friendly Fire Interview

    Jason Adams Friendly Fire Interview
    Thunder has a little interview feature with Jason Adams for his Friendly Fire show coming up this Friday in San Francisco.
  • Nick Jensen Knows

    Nick Jensen Knows
    Thunder just dropped a new Nick Jensen Knows video with him hitting the streets of London.
  • Ishod Knows

    Ishod Knows
    Thunder dropped a new clip today with the footage from Ishod Wair's newest ad.
  • Jamie Thomas Knows

    Jamie Thomas Knows
    Thunder Trucks dropped an all-new website today with a Jamie Thomas Knows video clip and ad.
  • New Thunder Titanium Lights

    New Thunder Titanium Lights
    Take a closer and complete 360-degree view of the new Thunder Titanium Lights, along with a video and pro trucks from Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Marc Johnson, and tons more.
  • Thunder at Woodward

    Thunder at Woodward
    Thunder dropped a new video with Tom Asta, Ishod Wair, Kyle Frederick, and Dane Burman hitting the park at Camp Woodward.
  • Zach Miller for Thunder

    Zach Miller for Thunder
    Thunder Trucks just dropped a new video feature with Zach Miller. Watch it here.
  • Thunder Fall '12

    Thunder Fall '12
    Check out Walker Ryan and Mark Suciu in the streets of San Francisco, plus new pro trucks from Justin Brock, Mark Appleyard, and Chima Ferguson.
  • Guess Mikey's Ad

    Guess Mikey's Ad
    If you guess which trick from his new DC Rediscover video part will be in the Thunder ad you can win Mikey's trucks and a pair of his new shoe.