• New Thunder Trucks

    New Thunder Trucks
    Check out Thunder's new Hi 147 II. They'll be giving away a pair everyday for a month.
  • 510 Knows

    510 Knows
    Check out the new 510 Knows video from Thunder.
  • Elissa Steamer Knows

    Elissa Steamer Knows
    Thunder has a new clip of Elissa Steamer doing 5-0 grinds at the Potrero skatepark.
  • Asta Knows

    Asta Knows
    Thunder has a new clip with Tom Asta doing kickflip backside nosegrinds.
  • Skatology Knows

    Skatology Knows
    Thunder has a feature on their site with Skatology skateshop from Bel Air, MD. They've got a rad shop and a team that destroys everything. Check it out.
  • Thunder Spring Catalog

    Thunder Spring Catalog
    Thunder just launched their Spring catalog with new products and a Sean Malto video.
  • Thunder Ad Review

    Thunder Ad Review
    Check out all of Thunder's ads from the past year on the DLX site.
  • Dan Plunkett Knows

    Dan Plunkett Knows
    Brad Staba calls up Dan Plunkett to have him explain the Xmas grind in this new clip from Thunder.
  • DLXMAS Day 16

    DLXMAS Day 16
    Stratosphere Skateshop shares their knowledge of Thunder Trucks in this new clip for DLXmas day 16.
  • DLXMAS Day 9

    DLXMAS Day 9
    Thunder has a new clip of Theotis Beasley for the 9th day of DLXMAS.