• Luis Tolentino for Thunder Trucks

    Luis Tolentino for Thunder Trucks
    Luis Tolentino dropped a new video for Thunder today, with the release of their Summer '12 products.
  • Neen for Thunder

    Neen for Thunder
    Neen Williams just dropped a new Thunder video for his 1st ever pro truck, all filmed in four days.
  • Reyes for Thunder

    Reyes for Thunder
    Thunder Trucks has a sick new clip of David Reyes.
  • NJ Skateshop Knows

    NJ Skateshop Knows
    Thunder has a feature up with NJ Skateshop showing off their collab.
  • Julian Davidson for Thunder

    Julian Davidson for Thunder
    Thunder just launched a new video feature of Julian Davidson with the 3rd release of Spring '12.
  • Gerwer Knows Control

    Gerwer Knows Control
    Check out Frank Gerwer's new Thunder pro truck and video to show that he nose control.
  • My Other Truck is a Thunder

    My Other Truck is a Thunder
    Bryan Herman and Erik Ellington battling it out in a game of My Other Truck is a Thunder to decide whose new truck reigns supreme.
  • New from Thunder

    New from Thunder
    Thunder just launched videos with Alex Perelson, Ernie Torres, and Luis Tolentino along with tons of new pro trucks for spring '12.
  • Theotis Beasley Knows

    Theotis Beasley Knows
    Thunder has a cool commercial for Theotis Beasley's new truck. Watch it here.
  • Millers on Thunder

    Millers on Thunder
    Thunder is proud to welcome Chris Miller and his son Zach as the newest members of the team. Check out the ad and welcome video here.